Family Law



One of the most difficult and uncomfortable situations we may undergo throughout our lives is a divorce or separation process.

Because of this, our philosophy is not to make the process even worse by starting endless “legal battles” that only increase the bad relationship between the parties and delay the solution to their problems.

We are in favour of talking and negotiating, encouraging the maximum contact with the other party in order to achieve a mutual agreement.

Reaching a mutual agreement is highly advisable, as it is the quickest and easiest process, as well as the cheapest. However, should litigious proceedings be necessary, we will assist you and put great effort in the defense or your interests in Court.

Relief, transparency and efficiency.


Has anything changed since the divorce in yours or your ex-partner’s life that makes it advisable a change of the initial agreements? Would you like to have the allowance or contact order modified?

Be aware that the settlements signed can be modified if the circumstances vary. However, these variations need to be substantial, sudden, alien to the person who is asking for the alteration and expected to be for a certain period of time.

All the above could be ignored if both parties reach an agreement. Therefore, it is vital to be advised by an expert on this field.

If you have lost your job, it may be the right time to have the allowance you pay to your children reviewed.



There have always been debtors, and so ex who do not pay.

Penal Laws establish prison penalty (from three months to a year) or a fine (from 6 to 24 months) to whom, for two consecutive months, or four alternate, does not an allowance (to the partner or to the children) previously settled in an agreement or court decision.

However, each case needs to be analyzed individually to see if the ex does not want to or cannot pay. Not all the exes are the same. Some of them will not be able to pay the allowance for having lost their job.

For this reason, criminal courts are not always the best solution, as we would be giving an extra charge to the ex and would make it more difficult for us to get the delayed pensions, which is the main aim.

Our Firm can help you in these cases.

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