About us quality and excellence with your objectives

Izquierdo Abogados is a fully INDEPENDENT firm that, with the exception of the limits imposed by law and professional ethics, is not conditioned by anything or anybody, nor by economic aims or hierarchical superiors that might impose a strict model of work (as is usually the case in big law firms).

This is the reason why we can offer our clients a closer and more personal treatment, always attentive to their needs. This closeness results in an environment of total CONFIDENCE in which we will help you to look for the best solution to your case.

We have been working like this since 1997, giving legal advice to people and companies, both national and foreigner, offering them our well-known EXPERIENCE and professional competence in various areas of Law. We offer our assessment at advisory or procedural levels, in those cases in which going to Court is the only and/or best way to defend the interests we are trusted with.

Finally, some advice: do not trust friends’ or acquaintances’ comments. Always seek appropriate legal advice, with our Firm or whichever you find convenient. It is the best way to prevent future problems.

I would like to thank you for your confidence and welcome to our Law Firm.

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