Mortgages and other loans

We are aware it is a difficult moment to apply for a loan but we have to try.

Of course, mortgages are the most important loans but…How to negotiate a mortgage?

These are the steps:

  1. Choice of property to mortgage, checking its legal, financial and registral status.
  2. Pre-valuation of the property, in order to know its approximate value.
  3. Negotiate with the banks the best conditions for the loan, which will have to be settled in the “binding offer”.
  4. Valuation of the property by the bank’s rater company.
  5. Signing of the loan before the Notary.

Important: If the loan is a success, both parties get a benefit, the bank and us. Therefore, we do not go to “ask” for a loan but to “negotiate” the terms of a contract.

This is probably the most important operation in 90% of population’s lives. Take your time and seek for professional advice.

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